Hair Color Correction




Don’t panic.  Hair color gone drastically wrong is in good hands with our expert colorists at Salon Biyoshi.  Whether you tried a box of hair color from the drugstore or perhaps had a traumatic experience at another salon, we can help to end your color nightmare.    Our hair color correction services will diagnose where the faulty color went wrong, and then take steps to give you the beautiful color you really wanted all along.

In some instances, the incorrect hue can be fixed with a small bit of tweaking, such as adding a glaze to change the tone.  In other situations, however, the pigment may need to be lifted or removed and a new color applied in order to reach the desired end result.   We’ll take into consideration the health and condition of your hair, too, as we discuss various options with you at your appointment.     

If your hair is in need of rescue, make an appointment with our specialists today.  Hair color correction is one of our specialties.  






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