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3 Reasons Why You Should Get Regular Trims

Your hair is changing in numerous ways, it is constantly growing and it is usually exposed to sunlight and the stresses of life right along with you, but you can’t feel your hair like you can your skin, there are no nerves to indicate that there is a problem, and just looking at your hair isn’t always the best way to diagnose an issue. Let’s take a look at our top three reasons we encourage our guests to get regular trims.

1. Trimming Your Hair Improves Its Appearance

Trimming your hair won’t make it magically grow faster, but it will impact the appearance of your hair. Broken and split hair makes the ends look shorter and shabbier, and it’s easier for tangling to occur. Trimming those ends controls the look and feel and makes the overall look cleaner and sharp.

2. Regular Trims Reduce Damage

Throughout the days and weeks and months, your hair goes through a cacophony of abuse: pulling, stretching, heat, sunlight, chlorine, the list continues. However, most of the damage happens at the ends, they get broken or split quite easily. The more damage to the hair, the easier it is for more damage to occur, think cracks in a mirror and the cracks slowly widening and leading to more cracking. This can affect someone who is trying to grow their hair out, they may have longer hair after so many months, but a significant amount of it could be damaged. So strategic trims could keep hair healthier longer and achieve beautiful results, albeit with a little extra time needed.

3. Achieve Better Results Growing Your Hair Out

Hair grows an average of half an inch every month, and depending on your hair texture, length, and lifestyle, splits and breakage can become noticeable within three to four months. If you get regular trims every four months, that is about two inches of growth, with a trim that could be potentially as low as half an inch. So instead of growing two inches every four months, you get one and a half. It doesn’t look like a lot of progress, but when you finally achieve your hair length goals, you will have superior hair quality.

Now, it is important to maintain the whole length of hair, keeping damage away from the middle of the hair and root is CRITICAL. Chemical and heat damage can be extreme, and thankfully there are repair treatments and shampoos to help with that, but preventing damage altogether is preferred. You want to use protectant sprays and leave-ins, and even wrap your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet at night, particularly for textured hair. Have a routine with products you love and a stylist you trust, and your hair will be healthy and fabulous.

If you're in need of a trim, we here at Salon Biyoshi are ready to get your hair in perfect shape, you can book online quick and easy and we'll have you looking great in no time!