Every visit earns points!

When you receive services and shop with the salon, you automatically earn loyalty points that you can then use to discount future purchases and services. To inquire about your current points, please call 865-690-4111.

How It Works:

Earn 200 Points:
Every new referral. (Referrals must purchase a service for points to be awarded.)
Earn 1 Point:
Every $10 of retail products purchased.
Earn 1 Point:
Every $20 of hair services purchased.
Earn 5 Points:
Pre-booking during checkout. (Must pre-book at checkout, no additional points awarded if multiple pre-books are made.)

How to Redeem Points:

Every 10 Points saves you $1 off any purchase.
Example: 100 points saves you $10!
Limitations Include:
You may discount up to 20% off services and 50% off products.

"Work for money. Design for LOVE."

-Issey Miyake