Lake Days & Lashes; Tips for Lash Extension Retention all summer long!

It’s summer time in East Tennessee, Ya’ll.

Did you know that this time of year there’s a natural rise in lash shedding?

What does this mean for our lash addicts?

Don't panic, we're here with info & a few tips on how you can ensure that your lash extensions live to slay in your poolside pictures!

The rise in humidity can lead to increased shedding and shorter lash extension retention periods. The impact of summer on lash extensions can be brutal, but we’ve searched high & low to bring you a few helpful tips to secure your lash retention…..AND increase your natural lash growth!

Heat, Humidity, & Heavy Shedding:

The durability and lifespan of lash extensions is heavily affected by high heat temps & humidity. Swimming(exposure to chlorine or saltwater) Excessive sweating & all of the extra oil that comes with it can weaken the bond between the extension adhesive & the natural lash, causing shedding well before fill time. Even more than that: prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause the extensions to become dry and brittle resulting in unwanted breakage.

What can we do to help prevent the effects the season we all anticipate with so much excitement has on our adored lash extensions?

Trust to your lashtician & follow your aftercare instructions:

Maintaining an aftercare routine is essential for preventing shedding & protecting your natural lashes. Using your Dirty Lash Cleanser twice a day during the warmer months is high recommended. (A FULL SIZE Dirty Lash is yours as a gift to first time lash clients) This helps to preserve the adhesive bond, prevent bacterial buildup, & ensures the integrity of your lash adhesive.

If you’re on the lake all the time or swimming at the pool; consider protecting your lash extensions by wearing goggles or utilizing a waterproof sealant. (One of the top products we’ll have available soon for our clients to purchase; also doubles as a “lash extension mascara” win!) This innovative lash treatment creates a protective layer over your lash extensions to keep them safe from sun damage, sweat, makeup, oil buildup, and some! (follow our social pages to stay up to date on new product drops)

Your Natural Lashes:

Excessive UV exposure and hot summer weather can wreak havoc on our natural lashes. The harmful effects of UV rays can lead to dryness, brittleness, and breakage, compromising the overall health and appearance of lashes. Taking care of your lashes is crucial in ensuring their longevity.

Alongside regular cleansing, incorporating our “BaeBrow Serum” into your lash care routine becomes even more essential during the hot summer months. The serum's advanced technology strengthens lashes and safeguards against breakage, while simultaneously enhancing flexibility and shine. The results are visible & proven with dramatically more voluminous lashes.

We value our clients & are grateful to be trusted with your beautiful lashes, we do our best to provide the best services, products & to educate properly for at home care.

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